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Much Ado About Puffin [GT Studio]


Mon 29 May 2017

Join Open Attic as they traverse stormy seas and reckless tides to bring you this funny tale about a man all alone, a friendly puffin, and a whole lot of fuss over nothing.

On a small island…
In the middle of the big sea…
A man meets a bird.

Using skilful puppetry, beautiful music, and good old fashioned storytelling, Much Ado About Puffin is about old habits, new friendships, and stepping out into the unknown!

Open Attic Company have created something quite wonderful.
Chris Pirie, Green Ginger
A gentle and thoughtful piece with a lot of integrity
Jude Merrill, Travelling Light

Presented by: Open Attic Company
Performance times: 12pm & 3pm
Ticket prices: £11, Children £8.50
(£10 & £7.50 tickets plus £1 booking fee)
Suitable for ages: 4+

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