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9, 10, 12 May 2017

Octopus is an anarchic new comedy about Britishness and whether anybody knows what it is. Set in a world where how British you are is determined by the state, three women have been called in for interview. Sara looks kind of Asian. Scheherazade kind of Middle Eastern. And Sarah is kind of white and has no idea why she's here. She also keeps bursting into song.

“You’re an octopus. All mixed up, like me. One leg something, and one leg something else.”

Staged against the backdrop of Brexit, the refugee crisis and fears about terrorism, Octopus is set in a dystopian world of bureaucratic box ticking and absurd interviews. At a time of increasingly anxiety over policing our cultural and geographical borders, it explores the mixed-race experience, how it feels to be seen as a foreigner in your own land, and the power of punk.

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Raises the hairs on the back of your neck ... laugh-out-loud funny
The Times
Inspired and very funny
The Stage
Couldn't be more topical ... the perfect play
Broadway Baby
It is a great pity someone didn’t bring Theresa May to this show, but then I guess she was too busy trying to make the absurdities depicted in the satire a frightening reality
British Theatre Guide
Afsaneh Gray’s script is snappy and witty, counterbalancing the tricky subject matter with a hefty measure of daft humour

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Presented by: Paper Tiger Productions and Greenwich Theatre in association with Fine Mess Theatre
Written by: Afsaneh Gray
Directed by: Pia Furtado
Starring: Alexandra D'Sa, Dilek Rose, Samara MacLaren
Music by: Serafina Steer
Venue: The Warren: Studio 2, St Peter's Church North, York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU
Performance times: Eves 6.30pm
Ticket prices: £11
(conc £9.50, student £8.50)

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