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Witt 'n' Camp


14-16 May 2017

'Witt ‘n’ Camp' brings to Brighton sixty minutes of mad vocals, dancing, joy, seduction, escapology, partial nudity and wish fulfilment. The show blends theatre, cabaret and musical comedy into one mad fun fest.

Recently seen onstage with James McAvoy at the Wifi4Refugees Fundraiser and at The Giants Gala hosted by David Schwimmer, the acclaimed comedy double act WITT ‘n’ CAMP will play the Warren at this year’s Brighton Fringe.

Brought to life by Charlie Howitt and Holly Campbell, WITT ‘n’ CAMP are on the run for crimes of public indecency, but they’re still putting on their show at The Warren, jail be damned. Also invited to the party are Opera stars, Wittundra & Deborah. They reached dizzying heights of fame after transforming Nicki Minaj into classic arias, creating a new genre “HipOpera” – but these lifelong rivals will go to any lengths to steal the limelight. And we can’t forget Bridget & Braun – two battery hens, who dream of escaping their shitty boyfriend Steve. They’re not sure why they‘ve been invited at all.

Geraldine James (OBE)
Hilarious! Sparklingly original
Jennie Buckman, BBC, National Theatre

Presented by: Witt 'n' Camp, supported by Greenwich Theatre
Venue The Warren: Studio 2, St Peter's Church North, York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU
Performance times: 9.30pm
Ticket prices: £9
(conc £7.50, student £6.50)

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