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The Sandman

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Sun 1 October 2017

THE SANDMAN is a contemporary ballet inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale of Ole Lukøje and features an original score by composer Tim Mountain.

The Sandman brings sleep by dropping sand into the eyes of humans and uses a magical rainbow umbrella to impart good dreams, or a dark umbrella to send nightmares.

We follow the story of a woman who is desperate to bring good dreams to her ailing husband - so desperate that she is willing to follow the Sandman into the DreamWorld to steal the dream umbrellas. There she meets many bizarre and entertaining characters including the timid Monster-under-the-Bed, the Puppet who yearns for freedom from his strings, the Unformed Dreams, and of course, The Sandman himself.

The woman steals the dream umbrellas and returns to the real world where she gives beautiful, magical dreams to her husband and others with the rainbow umbrella. But what will happen if the umbrellas get mixed up? You'll have to wait and see....

CDC is run by choreographers Paul Chantry & Rae Piper, who are also known for their work on popular shows including Gangsta Granny, the HorribleHistories stage shows and our own pantomime, Peter Pan, here in Greenwich last year. They will next be seen choreographing this year's pantomime - Cinderella.

captivating choreography... impressive performances
Everything Theatre on CDC’s Duology

Presented by: Chantry Dance Company
Performance time: 3pm 
Ticket prices: £13.50, Children £8.50
(£12.50 & £7.50 tickets plus £1 booking fee)
Suitable for ages:  7+

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