A Vampire Story

by Moira Buffini

“People will believe the most fabulous tale you can tell.  It’s the one they secretly long for.  It must be unprovable, impossible, fantastical.”

Two young women arrive in a nameless British town.  Their names are not their own.  They have come from some trouble somewhere.  They don’t declare their ages.  Are they sisters, or are they mother and daughter?  This dazzling play shifts from today to 1822, and then to both periods at once as fantasy reveals truths that we all recognise.

Rose Bruford COLLEGE – London Season 2023

Presented by BA (Hons) Acting and BA (Hons) Actor Musicianship in collaboration with BA (Hons) Audio ProductionBA (Hons) Costume Production, BA (Hons) Creative Lighting Control, BA (Hons) Design for Theatre and Performance, BA (Hons) Lighting Design, BA (Hons) Scenic Arts and BA (Hons) Stage & Events Management.

Production Company Rose Bruford
Running Time 1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Age Suitability16+
Performance Dates9 March-11 March

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