“BUTCHERED truly is an example of handcrafted skill to the highest level.” – BINGE FRINGE

Welcome to the kitchen where dreams come to die.
After working in a basement kitchen for as long as they can remember, Master Sausage only knows one thing. Eat, sleep, sausage, repeat. Trying to appease the greed of their faceless employers, the Top Steps, they work relentlessly and cannot imagine their life beyond the butchery.


But when a babbling, fresh-faced Apprentice arrives, a harsh reality is brought with them. With their daily routine disrupted, the Master is forced to look their life in the eye and climb into the belly of the beast. As tensions rise, sinister questions rear their heads. What does it mean to be happy? Is there more to life than this? What’s in those sausages anyway?

Featuring dynamic physical theatre, a pitch-black comedic script and a killer soundtrack, this blood-thirsty absurdist horror is about challenging tradition, surviving in a cut-throat world and doing what has to be done… Have you got the guts?

★★★★★ “A clever, macabre tale of survival, splattered with humour and absurdism. A wonderfully gory story!” WestEndBestFriend

★★★★★ “A fringe gem.” Broadway Baby

★★★★★ “Expial Atrocious hit it out of the park with BUTCHERED… their bizarre, weird, and darkly humorous play is visionary.” The New Current

BUTCHERED won Best Sound Design at Edinburgh Fringe 2023 from The Stagey Place and is currently nominated for two OffFest Awards for its run at VAULT Festival 2023 and Edinburgh Fringe 2023.


This show includes flashing lights, loud/sudden noises and music, uncomfortable sound effects, stylised violence, distressing scenes, reference to death and suicide.

Performance Dates30 October-30 October
Pricing£12.50 / £10

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