For a Brief Moment and Never Again Since

They call him a monster. They call her his wife.

Owen and Sarah haven’t seen each other in two years. She needed to think, to decide – things have been hell for her since Owen’s highly publicised crime and subsequent arrest, and simply being married to him has put a target on Sarah’s back. But after loving him for over fifteen years, how can she let go? And how can she reconcile the heinous act he committed with the person he used to be?

Moving across multiple timelines to showcase the best and worst times in a couple’s life, For a Brief Moment and Never Again Since explores the consequences of crime and incarceration on both offenders and their loved ones.

The piece, a poignant look at the negative stigma faced by the family members of convicted felons, aims to offer insight into the complexity of relationships within the judicial system.

Show Length: 1 hour
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of violence, adult language, mentions of death
Age rating: 12+

Photography by Henry Roberts


  • Tobi Sidiku as Owen
  • Aisha Weise-Forbes as Sarah

Production team:

  • Judi Amato as Writer
  • Lisa Millar as Director
  • Damien Stanton as Set Designer
  • Nayomi Karthigesu as Technical Operator
  • Jay Seldon as Lighting Designer
  • Music courtesy of Ryan Carey-Hills


Production Company Judi Amato
Running Time 1 Hour, 0 Minutes
Age Suitability12+
Performance Dates18 May-19 May

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