Harry Wright: Smalltown Boy

A celebration of queerness and not ‘fitting in’.
Harry explores their autism and their sexuality, and how these intersect with their class identity, growing up in a deprived area of Yorkshire. Harry has never been able to find a good male role model and examines how sex, relationships and music have helped them become a better man, in theory anyway. Plus, numerous dick jokes..
Harry was nominated for the BBC New Comedy Awards 2021 (now available to watch on BBC iPlayer) and a Finalist in 2Northdown New Act of the Year 2019, Max Turner Prize 2020 and Bath Comedy Festival New Act 2021. Harry is also the first-ever online Winner of the Comedy Store’s King Gong 2020.
Instagram: @hwrightcomedy
Facebook: @HWrightComedy
 Alex Beighton will support Harry Wright and their performance of Smalltown Boy on 10th March.  Alex Beighton was birthed out of the Soho Theatre kicking, screaming and covered in amniotic fluid. A semi-finalist in 2Northdown’s New Act Competition and West End New Act of the Year, Alex is also regularly gay and gross in front of willing audiences across the UK. Alex is; “Definitely One to Watch” – Queer Culture Club
Instagram: @alexwbeighton
Running Time: 53 mins (including supporting act)
Performance Dates10 March-10 March

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