Harry Wright: Smalltown Boy

A celebration of queerness and not ‘fitting in’.
Harry explores their autism and their sexuality, and how these intersect with their class identity, growing up in a deprived area of Yorkshire. Harry has never been able to find a good male role model and examines how sex, relationships and music have helped them become a better man, in theory anyway. Plus, numerous dick jokes.
Harry was nominated for the BBC New Comedy Awards 2021 (now available to watch on BBC iPlayer) and a Finalist in 2Northdown New Act of the Year 2019, Max Turner Prize 2020 and Bath Comedy Festival New Act 2021. Harry is also the first-ever online Winner of the Comedy Store’s King Gong 2020.
Instagram: @hwrightcomedy
Facebook: @HWrightComedy
Performance Dates10 March-10 March

Dates & Performances

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