Queen Mary University Chinese Society Variety Show 2022

Epiphany 龗惢 2022  To take the bull by the horns 千古一時, 當機立斷

If you were given a chance to go back in time, would you seize it or give it up? A group of former university Dance society members received a mysterious power by chance and returned to university. In their turbulent social life, they still hold a heart to pursue their dreams.

Previous mistakes they made before, lead to the slip of the golden opportunity with an important championship. Can they offset their regrets in this time travel journey? Facing between friendship and competitiveness, what will be their choice? How will this choice change their fate?

假如給你一次回到過去的機會,你會把握還是放棄? 一群前Dance society成員在一個偶然的機會下獲得一股神秘力量,重返大學時期。在渾渾噩噩的社會生涯中,他們仍然抱著一顆追尋夢想的心。因為之前的失誤,導致他們與比賽冠軍失之交臂。這次穿越到底能否禰補從前遺憾?在友誼和好勝心交錯面前,主角們的選擇又會是什麼?這個選擇又將如何改變他們的命運?

Produced by QMUL Chinese Society Variety Show 2022 Committees

Production Company QMU Chinese Society
Performance Dates2 April-2 April

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