Stories in the Dust

Two travellers journey across the barren and dusty world that is their home. They make up songs and tell stories, inspired by the treasures they’ve collected from a time gone by. One day they happen upon something extra special, a lucky find that promises to breathe life back into the empty land that surrounds them – is it a chance for change or will their hopes be dashed once again?

With live music, puppetry and clowning, Stories In The Dust is a funny, heartfelt, post apocalyptic family show that takes you to another world. One where an ancient book guides your way, a drop of rain changes everything and a mighty lion holds his secrets in an old clay pot. Join two intrepid explorers who are full of stories and full of hope but dangerously low on baked beans.

Originally created with a seed fund from MAST Mayflower Studios and with support from Wiltshire Creative and Pound Arts.

Running Time 0 Hour, 50 Minutes
Age Suitability5+
Performance Dates15 October-15 October
Pricing£10 / £7.50

Dates & Performances