Suitcase Under the Stairs – Online

‘a character version of myself exists in this suitcase. I keep it under my stairs. Lock her away when I don’t need her.’

ROSE XO might be a successful drag queen, but some people think she’s just plain rude. As she peels off her fishnets, false lashes and wig after another sold-out show, we begin to see the consequences of the havoc she wrecks on stage. In a grubby bathroom, ROSE disappears and the person underneath emerges. As the duct tape is ripped off, we see an honest image of the price paid for success. What is left behind when the costume and makeup is packed up in a suitcase? How do you separate drag artist from a drag character? What is ROSE XO’s legacy on the people around her?

Suitcase under the Stairs is a semi-autobiographical piece, exploring the blurred lines between drag performer and character. What does it mean to truly accept all parts of ourselves, even the bits we wish we could hide away in a cupboard under the stairs? A sassy, filthy but vulnerable show, join us live on zoom for an intimate evening with ROSE XO and her alter-ego.

Wipe Your Feet Theatre are the recipient of a Greenwich Theatre 2020 Get Connected micro-commissions, supported by Arts Council England. This event is pay what you can.

By Lewis Pickles and Lauren Tranter
Directed by Lauren Tranter
Performed by Lewis Pickles

Production Company wipe your feet theatre
Performance Dates11 February-12 February

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