The Anarchist’s Mobile Library – Online

The Anarchist’s Mobile Library will take you on an incredible audio adventure that YOU control, solving problems and meeting characters, from anywhere you choose to play! With many different worlds to explore, where will your adventure take you? Perhaps an intergalactic space adventure? Or a deep-sea swim, meeting creatures that lurk in the depths? Or even an abandoned witch’s kitchen, with the cauldron bubbling away?

Tessa Bide Productions have created an interactive, audio adventure that empowers children to be masters of their own destinies, to be inspired by literature and to change the stories they see unfolding around them.

Choose to visit as many of the six worlds as you like, watch your children act along with the story (and join in if you like!), let them make decisions about how the stories should develop, and even revisit the same story and head in a different direction. One household pass allows you to access the audio show as many times as you like across the two days.

Suitable for ages 6+

Accessible on any device that allows internet access and plays sound and images

Supported by Arts Council England

Original Idea: Tessa Bide
Dramaturgical support: Gwen Scott and Lorna Rees
Performed by: Tessa Bide
Sound design: Chris Menes
Creative Technologist: Martin O’Leary
Animator: David Rock
Avatar Illustrator: Tomasin Cuthbert Menes

Ticket purchasing info:
  • Purchase your 11:59pm, 21st February ticket. Don’t worry. This link will be valid from the 20th February until 21st February, at midnight.
  • Select e-ticket in the checkout
  • On the 20th February at 10am, we will send a new e-ticket which will have an URL to enter into a web browser. This is available to you from 20th February – 21st February
Production Company Tessa Bide
Performance Dates1 November-21 February

Dates & Performances