The Darkest Hours of Victory

A vibrant, passionate and truthful insight into a dark, but monumental time in the histories of both the UK and Kenya, that transformed a nation for ever.

‘The Darkest Hours of Victory’ is a play written and directed by London based, Kenyan Writer, Lydia Tett Olet, it explores the time of British rule in Kenya leading up to Mau Mau uprising and eventual independence in December 1963. Based on true stories from the fighters and their families, we see the sacrifices, the fight for justices and freedom and the soul of Africa, uniting tribes and families in their struggles.

Produced by Global Fusion Music & Arts

Sponsored by Kenya and Friends in the Park and World Remit.

Production Company Global Fusion Music &Arts
Running Time 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Performance Dates25 September-25 September

Dates & Performances

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