The Girl and The Dragon

Join our hero Toral on the adventure of a lifetime as she swims uncrossable rivers, braves impassable forests and scales unclimbable mountains, all to fight a great and terrible dragon.

The Suitcase Storytelling company blends oral tradition storytelling with found object theatre to create folk tale-style stories with diverse characters and progressive narratives. Fans of Pixar are in for a treat, as this witty and subversive show will delight audiences young and old alike.

Performed by the delightfully talented Niall Moorjani and Minnie Wilkinson, this story proves that heroes can come from anywhere and villains aren’t always what they seem.

Winner of the Derek Award for ‘Best Children’s Show’ – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2022

Suitable for ages 5-12.


“A joyous adventure into storytelling […] with a profound weight at its core.”
The Skinny

“Perfect for children, a privilege for adults.”
The Derek Awards

“The Suitcase Storytelling Company are magicians.”
The Norwich Radical

This show was funded with support from Arts Council England.

Age Suitability5+
Performance Dates22 October-22 October
Pricing£10 / £7.50

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