The Good Women

It’s the 1960s, the world is changing.

Protesters take the streets for equality and against the Vietnam war, hippies celebrate free love and a young band called “The Beatles” is rising to fame. But not in conservative Switzerland, where women did not get the vote until the 1970s and were legally confined to kitchen and household. Bette, the star of a popular TV cooking show, and Trudy, a housewife, are about to change that.

The Good Women is a brand-new funny, bold and romantic piece of theatre inspired by a true story about two extraordinary women.

This thoughtful, naturalistic glimpse of the difficulties faced by women in 1960s Switzerland is gently uplifting. In a UK with continuing gender inequalities in the workplace and appalling levels of domestic violence against women, it is also an encouragement to continue the fight for change.” – The British Theatre Guide

Running time: 75 minutes

Trigger warning: Adult themes, sexual content, description of violence & SA

Age recommendation: 14+

Production Company The Good Women
Running Time 1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Age Suitability15+
Performance Dates3 March-4 March
Pricing£15 / £12.50

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