The King of Nothing

King Reginald, ruler of the Kingdom of Fa La La, likes to keep in style…

Closely advised by Bernard the Keep of the Royal Cardigans and Dolores the Keeper of the Royal Trousers, he is always dressed top to toe in the latest clothes from the latest magazines.  Meanwhile, Fa La La is in total disarray, with blocked drains and beggars lining the streets…

Hearing of the King’s love of fashion, two fast-talking “Weavers” head to the palace with their brand new fabric: it’s “smart” and it’s “in” and it NEVER goes out of fashion.  Soon the Kingdom is alive with talk of the magical cloth and Reginald can’t wait to wear his “smart” new suit to the Big Parade.  But what are these “weavers” really spinning…?

MONSTRO and Little Angel’s latest Puppet Musical is an anarchic re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s Emperor’s New Clothes, in which the characters (and the audience) discover that people can be made to believe ANYTHING.  With songs, puppetry, slapstick and more, the two Swindlers (or should we call them “actors”?) will weave their cunning magic on children and adults alike…

Suitability / Parental Guidance: 5+            Running Time: 50 minutes no interval

**** Full of charm and wit…both topical and timeless”  – Musical Theatre Review

Production Company Monstro Theatre
Running Time 0 Hour, 50 Minutes
Age Suitability5+
Performance Dates12 April-12 April
Pricing£12.50 / £10 / £7.50

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