The Kiss That Missed

The Little Prince’s goodnight kiss has gone missing.  It’s escaped into the forest where it has no business to be, so the brave and fearless knight is sent on a mission to bring it back… But is he brave and fearless enough?

David Melling’s delightful series of Knightly Tales is brought to life with all the charm and humour of the original stories, plus some new songs and, of course, plenty of kisses bouncing around.

This classic picture-book is a favourite bedtime story for boys and girls everywhere.

Adapted by actor and storyteller John Brolly and The Minack Theatre, with original music by Ben Sutcliffe, prepare to be enchanted once again by the adventures of the Knight, the Prince and the missing kiss.

The Kiss that Missed is directed by John Brolly and produced by the Minack Theatre.

Fun for all the family, but recommended for kids in Key Stage 1 and 2.

Running Time 1 Hour, 10 Minutes
Performance Dates2 June-3 June

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