The Story of The Yara

Greenwich Theatre enjoys a tradition of developing new stories. That ethos runs throughout our work, whether it means casting exceptional graduate performers in our Christmas show, creating showcase moments for young companies as part of the Greenwich Children’s Theatre Festival, co-producing with emerging companies to enable them to tour, or ensuring that the seasonal programme here at Greenwich Theatre features a number of high profile performances by emerging companies.

The Story Of The Yara is no exception to what is at the heart of our traditions. Based on a traditional Brazilian folk tale, The Story Of The Yara is part of a wider project presented by JIH productions and is the first development stage in a unique new theatre concept.

James Haddrell AD GT

James Haddrell

“…I have just embarked on a project with composer Chloe Bezer to adapt Brazilian fairy tale The Story Of The Yara for theatre and radio, but like so many fairy tales, the story is woefully outdated in its social and cultural representations…” James Haddrell, Artistic Director.  (Read more about what our Artistic Director has to say about adapting The Story Of The Yara here)

In this abbreviated version of the folk tale, we wanted to to empower the heroine of the story.




The cast for The Story Of The Yara (top, left to right; Emily Holroyd, Chloe Bezer, Rhiannon Bacchus. Bottom, left to right; Adrien Spencer, Hayden Mampasi ,Georgia Russan)

Don’t forget to pick up a FREE physical comic book version of The Story of The Yara when you visit us, scroll down to read and listen online or tune in to Maritime Radio to hear the full radio edit, at 9:30am and 4:30 pm on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2021.

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