Three Billion Letters: Work In Progress

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Three Billion Letters is a theatrical research process where a group of artists use their DNA results as a starting point to develop a new performance for the stage, taking a deeper look into their biological and cultural identities, past and future.

How does knowing one’s DNA influence our current reality and the path forward as we continue to build a sense of our existence? Could we change the way we see ourselves in relationship with the world around us? Could our DNA results allow us to better understand the past and envision the future?

Text: Julie Tsang and TAKDAJA

Performers: Mimmi Bauer, Pat Dynowska, Michał Szpak

Dramaturgy: Julie Tsang

Light Design: Theodor Spiridon

Scientific Advisor: Michał Szpak

Video Design: Viktors Mileika

Music and Sound: Jovana Backović

Directed by Mimmi Bauer and Theodor Spiridon

Produced by TAKDAJA and Molly Farley

Supported by: Arts Council England, Greenwich Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre, Bathway Theatre/University of Greenwich, Goethe-Institut, Theatre Deli, Queer Britain, Queercircle, University of East Anglia and London LGBT+ Centre.

TAKDAJA is an alternative, interdisciplinary theatre company that brings together international artists to create visually stunning productions using devising techniques that challenge traditional narratives. Non-conformist and imaginative, TAKDAJA’s performances push the boundaries of theatre, offering audiences a unique and diverse experience. They incorporate various techniques from individual training backgrounds such as psychophysical theatre (Odin Teatret, Grotowski, Michael Chekhov, Suzuki, Viewpoints), clowning (Wright, DeCastro, Sobal, Hopkins), improv (Groundlings, Improv Olympics, UCB), and science.

Production Company TAKDAJA
Running Time 4 Hour, 0 Minutes
Age Suitability16+
Performance Dates6 June-6 June

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