The award-winning Travelling Light presents Vixen, an original story by Matt Grinter about a young girl who is turning into a fox.

Saffi is 11 and she lives on an estate with her Dad. After being scratched by a vixen in the raincoat man’s garden she begins to transform and dreams of running away to live with her fox family.

But what about her dad and the raincoat man? Soon she will have to choose who her pack really is.

Expect to see beauty hidden in unremarkable places, friendships that don’t follow the rules, the things that unite us and a girl aching to belong.

For ages 7+ and their families

45 mins long with no interval

The energy and pace of the show was fantastic. Alice beautifully captured the innocence and angst of a preteen and our changing world. So many levels and I found myself in tears at a few points.” – Audience Member

Potential trigger warnings: themes of immigration, loss, estrangement and fire in Vixen.


Performed by Alice Lamb

Director: Maisie Newman

Writer: Matt Grinter

Designer: Katie Sykes

Musical Director: Alex Vann 

Performance Dates10 May-10 May

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