Dracula: One Bloody Fang After Another

One man. Eighteen roles. Plenty at stake…
Whitby, England, 1897. A haunting, paranormal force has gripped the town. The young Lucy Westenra is taken ill and psychiatrist Dr. Seward calls on his mentor Professor Van Helsing for his advice. The Professor has a perplexing diagnosis – Lucy carries all the symptoms of a vampire’s latest victim. So begins a frenzied stab attrying to uncloak Count Dracula as the vampire in their midst.
Will Dracula see the light of day? Or will he forever be a pain in the neck? Bram Stoker’s immortal horror storyis given an affectionate lampooning in this physical, riotous comedy. Now, it is truly horrific!
Performance Dates29 October-29 October

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