Porridge Boy

“Porridge Boy”A poignant and heartfelt musical set in 1970’s Ireland – a time when children weren’t allowed to have any feelings. At a time when Ireland is just beginning to free itself from the grip of the church and state.

Meet our young protagonist, the titular Porridge Boy, who dutifully stirs pots of warm porridge each day in an attempt to hold his family together. But beneath the comforting steam lies a deeper truth—the ache of loss, the void left by a departed parent.

Through a melodic tapestry of songs and moments of levity, Porridge Boy unflinchingly reveals the raw reality of grief in young hearts. Yet, it doesn’t leave us there. It extends a lifeline of hope to those who’ve weathered personal loss, inviting them to share tears and laughter alike.

In this intimate theatre experience, we confront pain and anger head-on, allowing catharsis to weave its healing power. As the curtain falls, we’re reminded to turn our gaze toward life, toward the living, and find solace in the shared human experience.

Age reccomendation: 15+

Production Company Brendan Shelly
Running Time 1 Hour, 50 Minutes
Performance Dates23 May-26 May

Dates & Performances

Thu 23 May 7:30pm Book Now
Fri 24 May 7:30pm Book Now
Sat 25 May 7:30pm Book Now
Sun 26 May 5:00pm Book Now