Greenwich Theatre’s Green Credentials Championed By Staff

Catherine Nolan, our Front of House Manager, is passionate about the environment. Her lifestyle includes a responsibility to contribute towards improving our impact on our climate and to find solutions that could avert environmental crises. On a personal level, Catherine champions a low-waste lifestyle.

Well, what does this mean? Practically, Catherine uses refill shops such as Art of Zero Living – and there’s one here in Greenwich.

Catherine brings her passion to work at Greenwich Theatre and as a result, positively impacts our endeavors to ensure that our operations as a theatre impacts our surrounding environment in a productive and responsible way.

As part of her busy schedule, Catherine has developed an outreach programme where she contacts organisations that specialise in environmental waste management solutions.

We caught up with Catherine in her latest round of these communications and she told us about some of the new initiatives that Greenwich Theatre is taking part in.


This month sees us in Plastic Free July. This organization is part of the Plastic Free Foundation that works towards eliminating plastic from our world.  At Greenwich Theatre, we’re endeavoring to ensure that we eliminate as much as possible, our use of plastics. As such we’re pleased to be able to announce that we’re working with a company Re:Water. It’s a company that manufactures recycled aluminum spring water bottles. Greenwich Theatre will no longer use plastic water bottles.

Business waste is a challenge for all types of business – if only from a cost basis! Alongside what we do with Greenwich Council, it’s one we’ve seriously considered and as such we’re working with a waste recycling company called First Mile. First Mile work extensively with the different types waste. We separate glass, paper, flexible plastic such as shrink wrap and juice cartons.

Finally (for now!), we’re working with a company called Terracycle, who provide solutions to the mixed products and resulting waste that we use. They take hard-to-recycle materials and work with manufacturers to provide the most effective ways to safely dispose of waste.

Many of the particles that our food, clothing and other household items are packaged in, often contain materials that are mixed in terms of their recyclable ability. As you can imagine, it’s a difficult task.

With Terracycle, we’re working to responsibly dispose of the very familiar Pringles container. Pringles if you don’t know already, are a type of popular crisp brand. The cartons they’re packaged in are a mixture of aluminum, cardboard, plastics and other material, which can make the packaging hard to recycle. We’ve now got special Pringles collection points based in our theatre, where our patrons can safely dispose of the packages, safe in the knowledge that they will be recycled responsibly.

Let us know what changes you’re making towards recycling. Do you think that there’s anything else that we could be doing? We’d love to hear from you!

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