Pip Snow Shares Stage Management Insights For Theatre

Greenwich Theatre’s new production, Alarms & Excursion is sound heavy. It’s a play that looks into our complicated relationship with technology to comedic effect. Alarms & Excursions was originally penned by playwright Michael Frayn in a time when mobile phones as we know them, were not around. Still, the play’s content is pretty much relevant today because even though technology may have developed more sophisticatedly, we perhaps have not!


Stage managing this production is helmed by Pip Snow who also worked with us during our 2021 panto, The Queen Of Hearts. Pip kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her daily activities as a Stage Manager and to bring us some industry insights

“…I love that one part of the my job can be operating sound and lights or it can be helping to change the costumes backstage and both of those is a stage manager’s job. You wouldn’t do them on the same show, but I get to do that…”

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Alarms & Excursions cast in rehearsals; Lauren Drennan, David Hubball, Dan Gaisford, Shereena Browne.