The Snow Child Children’s Drawings Are Here!

The work on our newest production The Snow Child is gathering pace. Rehearsals are taking place, songs are being written and radio broadcasts are being scheduled.

Now, we’re excited to show off some of children’s drawings that have been sent in to us. We asked children to take part in helping us to tell the story of The Snow Child by drawing their own characters and scenes.

The children have been really imaginative and have sent us an array of creativity that will go towards helping us tell the story of The Snow Child.

Our actors are getting to the hard work of choosing the final images that will form part of our promotion this week.

The Snow Child comes from Russian folktale about an elderly couple wishing for a child. One winter, they make a girl out of snow and she magically comes to life. In Russia, the child is known as Snegurochka  or the Snow Maiden , a girl who is half human and half made of snow .

As with our other fairy tale-based production The Story Of The Yara, the Snow Child will get an unusual interpretation from our team to bring you a delightful adaptation of a traditional classic.

Stay close to our website and social media for updates.