Theatre Makes Changes In The Face of Lockdown Challenges

Our Artistic Director, James Haddrell discusses, via The South London News, some of the significant challenges that the theatre industry will face as it evolves out of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

James Haddrell, Greenwich Theatre Artistic Director

“…Support from Arts Council England was crucial in keeping the theatre going, but while the challenges facing the industry may have changed in nature, they are no less real.

A year ago, our challenge was to avoid bankruptcy.

Now that audiences are slowly returning (and talking to colleagues all over London, the picture is the same pretty much everywhere), the challenge is to make exciting theatre that people want to see, within an economical straitjacket with little or no reserves to invest in making the new shows or promoting them.

As a result, we see many of the larger venues producing work with small cast, many theatres revive previously successful shows to reduce their risks and take advantage of existing scenery, costumes and cast, and other venues remain dark during periods of season for either to save costs or remain available for corporate rental…”

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Greenwich Theatre continues with the production of new plays with Alarms & Excursions. It’s part of our Spring collection and is taken from a play from playwright, Michael Frayn. Alarms & Excursions takes a comedic look at our fraught relationship with technology. Find our more here.


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